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American300 Foundation, September 1-5, 2014

american 300 100% volunteer

I had the opportunity to spend a week in September 2014 with the American300 Foundation tour in Minot, ND.  Imagine my surprise when I changed planes in the Denver airport and found our first copy of Steel Will on the bookstore shelves. That was awesome! I had a wonderful adventure, and I need to give a shout out to all the amazing airmen at Minot AFB.  Rob Powers with American300 really helped reinforce why I do what I do.  Shout out to Jen Housholder for her music and stories.  We shared our tales and thanked these extremely professional men and women for their service. If anyone’s wondering, our country is ready. They showed me what readiness looks like, and I have the highest regard for the jobs they do everyday.

American300 recognizes these U.S. Armed Forces members who protect our freedom.  A 100% volunteer organization, the foundation tour visits the troops, giving them a chance to connect with home while they enjoy a change of pace from the tensions of active duty. It’s a source of physical and mental release that is as good for their bodies as well as for their spirits.  I know it was good for mine.

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