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Associate Speakers



We’re a talented group of creative individuals who have overcome at all odds and we choose to make a difference in the world around us.

Steven Twohig

Speaker, Lifecoach, Author

Steven doesn’t work with just anyone. To maximize the impact of his work he has created numerous online tools and is continually training more and more people to guide others effectively.

But if you are committed to real change, working with Steven directly will uncover the blocks that keep you stuck. Clarify the road ahead to give you the insight to move forward. To be clear, shadow sessions can be very uncomfortable. But real growth is always uncomfortable and rarely convenient.


Frank Huguelet aka/ “Heavy Metal” Ric Savage

Army Veteran, Pro-wrestler (retired), Speaker, Entertainer, TV personality Savage Family Diggers

Frank Huguelet is an American retired professional wrestler, known by his ring name “Heavy Metal” Ric Savage. He is the host of Savage Family Diggers, a reality treasure hunting show airing on Spike TV.


Maggie J. Peterson

Speaker, Entertainer, Founder & CEO Camp Shield, Air Force Veteran

Maggie grew up in a family with a long history of military service, dating back to WWI. She realized her true passion and calling in life: service to others, more specifically veterans and their families. Since then, she has been very active in veteran communities and organizations across the Nation.


Emma Faye Rudkin

Speaker, Founder & Executive Director of Aid the Silent, Entertainer – PBS “Hank & Emma Faye” Children’s Show, Deaf

Emma Faye went profoundly deaf at the age of three. She has spent her life turning a disability into an ability. Emma Faye is an internationally known role model for the (D)deaf and hard-of-hearing (HOH) community and founder to nonprofit organization, Aid the Silent. She and her trusty side-kicked Service Dog, Hank, are on a PBS child’s show called “Hank & Emma Faye” to teach children sign language, kindness and inclusivity which recently won a Regional Emmy.


Robye Harvey

Speaker, Educator

Robye Harvey is a Former Student of Texas A&M and has worked in the field of education throughout her career. From the beginning as a Kindergarten and First Grade teacher to her current role in developing Professional Development for elementary educators specific to digital literacy resources with Learning A-Z of the Cambium Learning Group. Not only is literacy education her passion, but education in the arts is near and dear to her heart- educating the whole child while building lifelong skills that only preparation for the stage can teach!


Bradley Gruetzner

Army Veteran, speaker, outdoorsman/enthusiast and product spokesman

On 15 November 2006, Bradley and his crew were conducting a patrol to find terrorists responsible for the deaths of the replaced Army unit. While traveling as part of a five-vehicle section, Bradley’s HMMWV struck a deep buried IED consisting of two anti-tank mines and multiple propane tanks. His vehicle was completely destroyed leaving him severely injured and 3 of his crew were killed.


LTC Jason G. Pike

Army Veteran, Author, Podcast host, Speaker

A decorated combat veteran with multiple deployments, Lieutenant Colonel Jason Pike, served 31 years in the United States Army as both an enlisted and officer, including nine years overseas in five countries. His passion is to tell stories in his book/audiobook, A Soldier Against All Odds. Jason earned over 30 service awards & badges and survived a wicked amount of Military training. 


Cpl. Frank Lenon Fields II USA (ret.)

Motivational, Speaker, Father, Life Coach, Athlete & Army Veteran

On November 21st, 2006, just 3 days after Cpl. Fields’s 22nd birthday his team was running a routine night mission.
Cpl. Fields was driving the first truck of the convoy when his truck was deliberately struck with a remote detonated EFP.


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