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ISIS doesn’t scare me. I am “100% American Badass” thanks to my dad and my military training. I am one of millions of combat-hardened American heroes we call veterans. We are all waiting for SISI to come if they dare. SISIĀ is a bunch of thugs that kill unarmed men and women. That’s right, SISI (pronounced SISSY!) They’re hypocrites using the same technologies they oppose to promote their agenda of hate. They are taking advantage of a war torn country using the media to promote sadistic tactics to scare anyone that might oppose them. When they face real soldiers, America’s men and women in uniform, they will lose.

Even though SISI is a threat to the weak and unarmed and is destroying people’s lives in a large area of the Middle East, the true threat lies right here in the US. Our borders have been a freeway for whoever wants to cross them. Except, of course, our Marine, SGT Andrew Tahmooressi, still being detained in Mexico. The fact that we have motivated individuals here in the US willing to join the ranks of SISI and do harm to our families and innocent people on US soil is beyond my comprehension, but we cannot allow another 9-11 style attack. We need more boots on the ground in the Middle East so we can find out where the enemy is so we can destroy the core of this sadistic infestation of terroristic ideology.

I am a retired SSG, not a general or former intelligence officer. The decision regarding how many troops to redeploy is above my paygrade, but if I was going to send anyone I would send a division of Cavalry and Infantry to squash these chumps. We have the firepower. We have the most professional fighting force in the world.

I was at Minot Air Force Base, ND this week and experienced some of the most professional airmen this nation has to offer. I have seen some of the awesome firepower we have available and it gives me reassurance that we can handle any threat that comes our way from anyone. It is time to act. Secure the borders. Attack the enemy before they can attack us.

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