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A Soldier Against All Odds – Signed By Author


A Memoir by LT. COL. Jason G Pike

A brutally honest tale of a soldier’s unorthodox life, a rogue career, and an often-maverick character not easily aligned with the military credo.

In A Soldier Against All Odds, I show that It is possible, through determination, careful application, and bold strategy, to overcome or compensate for personal humiliation brought about primarily by my own mistakes, being haunted by investigations, academic difficulty, arrests, many ass-chewings, and physical frailty. I did pay the price for being me. This is how I did it, but most importantly, how I survived it.

The chronicle of life will inspire you to wince, cry, and laugh. I hope that the lessons I learned through the course of my life and my military career will be an inspiration to anyone confronting the future from a place of disadvantage.

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Hardcover, Paperback

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